The fundamental principles of the Democratic Party of Garland County are the promotion of individual freedom, equality of opportunity, community empowerment, a healthy environment, and a vibrant democracy. All are essential if Arkansas is to reach its full potential.The Democratic Party of Garland County meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:00 p.m. at the Arkansas School for Math, Science, and the Arts.  All interested individuals are encouraged to attend!

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Pictured with the 2017-2018 Officers and the at-large board members James Lowrey, Vickie Garner, Helen Bumpas, Puniza Sharma, Gloria Dupree & Jerry Rephan, Not pictured Karen Garcia.

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Write Your Representative & Senator today regarding important issues to Democrats.

Pizza for Protestors

Hands Off Medicare Rally
January 14th
January 15th

If you missed these fun events, check out the pictures showing Democrats having fun, eating and working for a better future for all.


Women's March for AR
January 21st


Thousands of Arkansans marched in solidarity with progressives around the nation. They marched to stand up for our democratic ideals, for our freedom and our progressive values.

They marched for pay equity; they marched for our right to vote; they marched for protecting public education; they marched for our teachers; they marched for the rights of women, African Americans, the disabled, and the LGBT community.

They marched against racism, sexism and inequality. Vincent Insalaco, DPA Chair


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